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Hyaloronic acid dermal fillers.

Nita is fully trained with all the dermal fillers on the market. She has extensive knowledge of the gel properties of each different filler and their appropriate use,

There are numerous fillers on the market ,and due to the varying cross linking manufacturing processes they have varying properties. Its imperative to choose the right filler for the desired outcome.

She prides in beautifying, enhancing, restoring, rejuvenating and balancing facial features without distortion. 

Areas that can be treated with dermal fillers.

Anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections relax muscles. Dynamic lines are formed by repetitive facial muscle movements. Antiwrinkle injections can reduce the appearance of dynamic lines. However, static lines, such as sleep lines and ageing skin can not be treated with botulinum toxin A based injections but can be treated with fillers.

Muscle relaxing injections performed by a skilled injector will minimise undesirable side effects, such as droopy eyebrows, dropped cheeks and crows feet.

Bio stimulants injections.

Calcium or polylactic acid can be injected dermally to stimulate collagen and to regenerate the skins thickness.

Ideal for people who exercise and deplete regular fillers quickly.

Areas that can be treated with bio stimulants.

Areas that can be treated with bio stimulants.

There is now also a trend to do arms and buttocks to tone the skin and improve the appearance of cellulite. However Buttock augmenting does require a lot of product to stimulate the thickness of the skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma

This treatment involves the collection of your blood (approximately 8 -16ml), then your blood is spun down using a centrifuge to separate out the plasma and platelet portion using the separator gel’ as a special filter. The PRP portion of your blood is then injected back into your skin to stimulate new collagen production, and to re-energise your cells into rejuvenating themselves. The product injected is 100% your own blood by-product (autologous).

Fat Reduction Injections

Fat Reduction Injections are made of a compound that is naturally occurring in the body.

This compound aids in the digestion of fat stored in the food that we eat. When isolated and injected into the targeted area, this compound helps the body to safely metabolise and breakdown excess fat cells.

Nita can also provide a consultation to decide which technique, Cool Sculpting, liposculpture or fat dissolving injections, is appropriate for you.

Area that can be treated using fat reduction injections include:

Liposculpture Consultations

Liposculpture is a surgical procedure, which is done under local anaesthetic that can be used to give the appearance of more muscle definition and a balanced body shape. It treats little pockets of fat, and can sculpt your figure into a more balanced shape, unlike liposuction which covers larger areas and is done under a general anaesthetic.

Instead of just removing fat, liposculpture also moves it around for a desired shape. It can be particularly useful in areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

Liposculpture works best if you have good skin elasticity, which is generally true for those who are younger, have darker skin tones, don’t smoke, and don’t have much sun damage.

If you are interested in liposculpture contact Nita for an obligation free consultation, an approximate quote and a recommendation to a qualified liposculpture surgeon.

Holistic Treatment Plans

Nita will develop a treatment plan according to the cause of your concerns. She will develop a holistic plan to achieve a balanced natural result.

All fillers “behave” differently in the facial structures according to its manufacturing process and properties (i.e, spread, cohesivesness, texture, firmness/softness).

Nita is fully trained with all the TGA approved fillers and is able to recommend the volume and the appropriate fillers to achieve the desired results.

A comprehensive treatment plan will give you the knowledge to decide according to your priorities of concerns, timing and budget.

Nita gains great pleasure assisting her clients to achieve their desired results. There are many reasons clients embark on the cosmetic rejuvenation journey.

Whether it’s for beautification and enhancement, restoring and rejuvenation, she supports her clients to regain their confidence and self esteem.

A treatment plan is very useful if you have a special event to plan for,such as a wedding or special birthday.

She will prepare a treatment plan according to your timing, budget and desired outcome.

The consultation process involves Nita addressing your concerns and assessing your facial anatomy.

She examines and assesses your:

Mono Threads

FPO Mono Threads have become another method of tightening and thickening your skin. Mono Threads differ from thread lifts which use long barbed threads to lift tissues, however they can still provide an improvement of fine lines and wrinkles by gradually stimulating natural collagen production.

PDO threads are synthetic absorbable surgical suture, proven to be one of the safest materials to be implanted into the body.

PDO threads can effectively treat the following:


You will begin to see results within six weeks of your treatment. These results will continue to improve over the next 2–6 months as new collagen is produced.
Matrix Mono Threads help to create new collagen that supports your face and creates a tightening effect that lasts 6–12 months after your treatment. The results vary depending on lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, exercise etc. It is recommended to have another Matrix Mono Thread treatment six months after the initial treatment to maintain the tightening effects.
Topical anaesthetic will be applied before the Matrix Mono Thread treatment, so you experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. You may experience a firm feeling and some tenderness in the area that has been treated for a few days after the procedure.
The time of the treatment will vary based on factors, such as the size of the area being treated, but will typically take anywhere between 30–60 minutes.
A Matrix Mono Thread treatment may produce swelling and bruising in the area that has been treated, which will subside after a few days.

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